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Algorithm and Flowchart to calculate Simple Interest

The formulae to calculate the simple interest is,

SI = P*T*R/100, where,

SI = Simple Interest

P = Principal amount

T = Time period (Duration)

R = Rate of Interest.

From, the above formulae it is evident that in order to calculate Simple interest, we need P (Principal amount), T (Time) and R (Rate of Interest). Hence the inputs are P,T and R.

we start with reading the input,

calculate the unknown (SI here)

display the SI.

Algorithm for simple interest is as follows:


Name of Algorithm: To calculate the simple interest.

Step 1: Start

Step 2: Read principal amount as ‘p’, time as ‘t’ and rate of interest as ‘r’

Step 3: SI = p*t*r/100

Step 4: Display SI

Step 5: Stop


flowchart to calculate the simple interest.


At step 2, 3 and 4 we read the input.

Let p = 10000, t = 2 and r = 10

SI = 10000 * 2 * 10 / 100 = 2000

Display 2000 (value stored in SI)

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