Basics of C Programming

⯈Basic C Programs

Overview of C Programming Language

C is a programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT&T Bell Laboratory in 1972. There are some aspects of any programming language, they are

  1. The way it stores the data and how we operate on the data.
  2. How do we read input output 
  3. The control sequence, the flow of execution

Why start with C?

  1. C programming gives head start to the programmers. It makes easy to learn other programming languages like C++, Java, as their syntax is majorly in line with C.
  2. Most parts of the operating systems like windows, Linux and Android are written in C.
  3. C is used in many embedded systems.
  4. C programming is used in game development.
  5. C is faster than python, java.
  6. C programming is widely used language and is consistently in the top positions of the TIOBE index.
  7. C programming language is well suited for structured programming.

In the next section we will begin with the C programming basics.

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