Basics of C Programming

⯈Basic C Programs

Input Output Statements in C

The input-output statements are used to read the data from the end user and write the output to the screen. There are two types of input-output statements:

  1. Unformatted input-output statements.
  2. Formatted input-output statements.

Unformatted input-output statements

These statements don’t have any format specifiers. We will discuss the following unformatted statements in this section, and will discuss later the remaining.

  1. getchar
  2. putchar
  3. gets
  4. puts

Formatted input-output statements

The formatted input-output statements have format specifiers associated with them. We will discuss the following functions in this section and discuss other later.

  1. scanf
  2. printf

In the next section we will discuss getchar, putchar, scanf and printf.

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